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What makes a good copywriter?

What makes a good copywriter? For me, the answers are quite simple:

I understand your business

No matter what industry you’re in, I know the questions to ask your team to both understand your business AND how to successfully market it.

I write to psychographics, not demographics

I get into the heads of your customers—what their needs, wants, and desires are. In other words, understanding their psychographics. This results in copy and branding that instantly resonates with your target market and dramatically shortens the sales cycle.

I save you money

Since I understand your business and the psychographics of your customers, the copy I write is strategically dead-on from the first draft. This dramatically reduces revision cycles and enhances the overall productivity of your team, saving you money and resources.

I offer integrated marketing

Many copywriters specialize in a specific area (direct mail, web, etc.) This is fine if you only have certain types of projects to accomplish. But most companies need integrated marketing, taking the same marketing message to a variety of media, and that’s what I do best. I give your company a consistent, powerful and compelling voice that translates to whatever media is most appropriate to your target market. A fact made even more important in the ever-morphing world of social media.

I help you avoid tunnel vision

You live and breathe your business every day, and that can cloud your objectivity. I offer an outside perspective, based on 20+ years of marketing experience, that will focus your marketing communication messages on delivering customer-centric results.

I’m not a “yes man”

Marketing is a very subjective discipline, and it’s really easy to simply create materials by committee. Trouble is, such efforts rarely generate results. For example, I had one client who thought their existing 50-page website was exactly what would sell their products and just wanted me to do minor editing. Instead I whittled those 50 pages down to five concise pages and sales skyrocketed. I add value, not another body.

I fit in with your team, even if there isn’t one

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of clients, from two-person startups to Fortune 10 multinationals. Every company has a different approach to marketing. Sometimes there is an entire marketing department in place, other times it’s someone’s fifth “hat” s/he is wearing that day. Whatever your business processes, I can work with them. If you have a seasoned marketing team, great, I can work the way they work. If not, I can guide you through the copywriting/brand development process in a seamless and (yes!) fun manner.

Want to know more? Contact me and I’d be happy to discuss your individual business requirements.